From the book The Catcher in the Rye what are 10 things that depress Holden Caulfield?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Just pick any ten things and that depresses Holden Caulfield.  He's not exactly a ray of sunshine about anything.  

1. He doesn't like phoniness, which basically will complete a lot of this list. 

2. He doesn't like the stereotypical jock or frat boy.  He thinks that are phony and posturing. 

3. He doesn't like the movies. He thinks actors are phony.  

4. He doesn't like stupid girls.  It's possible that Holden has a thing against women in general, because of this quote: “I mean most girls are so dumb and all."  I suppose the key is "most" which means that he doesn't get annoying with ALL women, but MOST. 

5. The Biblical disciples annoy Holden.  He feels that they were more or less useless to Christ while he was alive.  He can't stand that.  That one cracks me up, because Holden isn't exactly a useful guy himself. 

6. He doesn't like school cliques.  

7.  Along the lines of social cliques, Holden can't stand economic social status divisions.  

8. Adults.  He doesn't have high regard for adults.  Thinks they are all phonies.  

9.  Despite the fact that he is a young kid, he is depressed by his own childhood.  

10.  Teachers deciding things for him. 

11. Not being able to say goodbye.  

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