The Diary of a Young Girl Questions and Answers
by Anne Frank

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From Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, describe Anne's relationship with her mother.  

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Anne is the second of two daughters born to Mr. and Mrs. Otto Frank. Anne's older sister Margot is 16 years old in 1942 when the diary begins and Anne is just 13. Since Margot is more mature, and not the baby of the family, it seems as if Anne's mother treats her with more dignity. Anne's biggest complaint throughout the book is that her mother treats her like a baby and loves Margot more. As a result, Anne refuses her mother's attempts to show affection or concern and she says that she loves her father the most out of anyone in the world. In the entry dated 7 November 1942, Anne reveals the following feelings about her mother:

"We are complete opposites in everything, so naturally we are bound to run up against each other. I don't...

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Anne Frank had a strained relationship with her mother. Anne was headstrong and yearned to be an independent writer. She felt that her mother did not understand her desires to be an independent professional. Anne was closer with her father, feeling that he understood her interests far more than her mother did. Anne did not believe that her mother occupied anything more than a domestic space while Anne wanted much more for her future. When her family had to go into hiding, the close-quarters put more of a strain on Anne's relationship with her mother as Anne had to participate in the domestic duties that she resented.