From an investor's perspective, what are ten positive attributes of Walmart as a company?

From an investor’s perspective, positive attributes of Walmart as a company could include its size, its ability to adapt to consumer concerns around corporate ethics, and its expansion into e-commerce.

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From an investor’s perspective, one positive attribute of Walmart is its size. Walmart has about 10,000 stores around the world and employs approximately two million people internationally. Walmart’s central presence in the world should appeal to investors, because it demonstrates that the company possesses the acumen for dominance and expansion. This is not a fledgling startup with scant name recognition. Walmart is a huge brand. Many investors will want to be a part of Walmart’s success and try to profit off of their business model.

Recently, Walmart announced that it would raise the wages of around 425,000 employees in the United States. This salary increase could be considered a positive attribute for investors as well. It indicates to investors that Walmart is conscious of the current climate that they’re operating in. An increased number of consumers have taken an interest in the ethics of corporations. They care about what these brands are doing behind the scenes. By paying their workers more, Walmart seems to be signaling to investors that they can change with the times.

Another positive attribute of Walmart that unveils its agility is its development of its e-commerce business. Walmart is not content to dominate the brick-and-mortar market. With its app and its Walmart+ membership, the company is communicating to investors that it will be a formidable presence in the online retail sector as well.

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