From Act I, Scene iii of The Merchant of Venice, explain the stanza, "Signior Antonio, many a time and oft In the Rialto you have rated me ....I'll lend you thus much moneys."

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The Merchant of Venice has the dispute over Antonio's "pound of flesh" and Portia's need to find a husband via a lottery system which drive the plot forward. Shylock is beginning to realise that there may be an opportunity to get some revenge on Antonio for his poor treatment of Shylock and his "tribe" over many years. 

Shylock reminds Antonio that many times, even in the "Rialto" which is a meeting place or Exchange where Merchants meet and do business, that Antonio has "rated" or criticized Shylock for his "moneys and my usances;" in other words, for his profit and the charging of interest on loans....

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