In "The Frog And The Nightingale," what offer did the frog make and what was his real motive?

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The frog presented himself as an expert in music and offered to coach the nightingale. The nightingale was too naïve to recognize the frog’s evil scheme. Before the nightingale arrived, the frog was the sole singer in Bingle Bog. However, his singing was horrible, and it only served to torment the rest of the animals. The nightingale’s first performance attracted and entertained all the animals in Bingle Bog. The animals showered her with praises after her performance. The spectacle infuriated the frog, making him jealous of the nightingale.

The frog offered to train the nightingale, but in reality, he just wanted to do away with the competition by wrecking the nightingale’s singing ability. The nightingale accepted the offer, and the frog maliciously carried out his plan. The frog made the nightingale sing every single night and day. He also made her train in spite of poor weather. The frog was relentless, and this took a toll on the nightingale. The situation led to the nightingale’s death from a ruptured vein after the frog forced her to sing in spite of her tired condition.

"Without Proper training such as I
- And few others can supply.
You'll remain a mere beginner.
But with me you'll be a winner"

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