In Frindle, what was the headline of the first story in the Westfield Gazette on Thursday?

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The Thursday after reporter Judy Morgan visits Nick's school, her article is published on the first page of the Westfield Gazette:

Local 5th Grader Says, “Move Over, Mr. Webster.”

The local fifth grader is of course our protagonist Nick. This is a flashy title meant to grab the attention of readers, and it does, as the paper sells 12,297 copies. However, we should note that "Move Over, Mr. Webster" is not an actual quote from Nick. When Judy Morgan visits Lincoln Elementary School, the secretary sends her to the principal. Judy Morgan interviews Mrs. Chatham, and then stops by Mrs. Granger's room. Some students, including Nick, are serving detention. Nick does not identify himself when Judy Morgan asks for him. She does not interview him. All he says to her is

“I don’t think Nick would want to talk to you right now. He might say something stupid and get himself in trouble.”

The headline is not an actual quote, but instead an explanation of Nick's actions. Judy Morgan is referring to Noah Webster and his dictionary. By creating and spreading the word "frindle," Nick is figuratively telling Webster to "move over."

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Judy Morgan, a reporter with The Westfield Gazette, went to Nick Allen's elementary school to find out if the rumors were true.  She had heard that he was causing quite a stir at school by calling pens "frindles."  He had also gotten his classmates and other students at school to use the word.  Judy Morgan went to Lincoln Elementary School to conduct interviews.  She interviewed Mrs. Granger, Nick's teacher. Mrs. Granger was against the use of the word "frindle" as a substitute for the word "pen."

Shortly after, the Thursday morning edition of The Westfield Gazette was delivered throughout the town of Westfield.  There was a prominently placed article in it, which "was the first item on the front page."  The headline read:

Local 5th Grader Says, "Move over, Mr. Webster"

The article pitted Mrs. Granger against Nick.  Judy Morgan presented Nick as a champion of free speech, and Mrs. Granger as representing "order and authority."  Judy Morgan described how Nick and his friends wanted to call pens "frindles."  Mrs. Granger told them that they could not use that word.

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