In Frindle, what question does Nick ask Mrs. Granger on the first day of class to stall the lesson?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On the first day of fifth grade in Mrs. Granger's class, Nick Allen decides to ask one of his famous slightly off topic (or at least unnecessary) questions.  He usually asks these questions in class in order to stall actual class work.  He knows that Mrs. Granger is about to give the class their homework assignment.  To avoid this, Nick asks his new teacher where all the words in the dictionary come from.  He asks if they are simply copied down from previous editions.  Nick asks this question because he knows that Mrs. Granger loves dictionaries and words, so he suspects that she will take time to answer.  Her response, however, surprises him.  She instead assigns him an oral report on the topic, which he must give the following day.