Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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In Frindle, what question did Nick ask on the first day of school?

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Frindle by Andrew Clemens is a novel about a young boy who delights in creating problems for his teachers. By the time he reaches fifth grade, he has a reputation for being able to stall or derail a class. Mrs. Granger, his fifth-grade teacher, is known for telling students to look up unknown words in the dictionary. Nick decides he's going to ask her a good question to "sidetrack [her] long enough to delay or even wipe out the homework assignment."

He asks,

"Mrs. Granger, you have so many dictionaries in this room, and that huge one especially . . . where did all those words come from? Did they just get copied from other dictionaries? It sure is a big book."

Mrs. Granger responds by actually giving Nick more homework than he would have had otherwise, saying,

"Why, what an interesting question, Nicholas. I...

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