In the book Frindle, what two important things happen to Nick during his junior year of college?  

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In Andrew Clements’ book, Frindle, Nick Allen has a very exciting junior year of college. He turns 21 years old, which means he is eligible to receive the trust fund money that his father started for him with “Frindle” money. Nick is extremely wealthy but is quite generous with his money. He funds travel for his parents and an account for his niece’s education. For himself, he purchases a computer, computer games, and a bike.

The other important thing that happens in Nick’s life is that he receives a meaningful package from Mrs. Granger, his former teacher. In the package, Nick finds a copy of Webster’s dictionary with a note telling him to turn to page 541, where he finds the word “frindle” along with its definition. Mrs. Granger also apologizes for not supporting Nick when he was in her class, and she includes the original “Frindle” pen, the one with the maroon cap. Nick is so moved by Mrs. Granger’s actions that he endows a one million dollar scholarship fund in her name, and sends her a gold pen. He tells her to call the pen whatever she wishes.

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