friendships as kids and as adults.In general, discuss how friendships are viewed as kids and as adults.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that this is going to be moved to the discussion section very soon because you will get many different views about friendships.

Before I start this, I think that you will get much out of this topic if you ever have a chance to watch the film, Stand By Me. Not only is it one of River Phoenix's finest works as an actor, but it really speaks to the both the need for friends as a kid and as we age and recognize that different times in our lives have become part of our past.  I strongly suggest watching this film and then reflecting on what you feel and what others say here.

I think that the need for friendship as a kid or when we are younger is vital.  Most of our memories of childhood and adolescence have something to do with friends.  These reflections become part of our own identity as adults.  As we become older, I think that our need for friendships change.  What I think it wonderful to examine in terms of the developmental arc is to examine our friendships as children as adults.  It really speaks to our character in terms of evolution or change when we examine how our friendships were as children and how we are now as adults.  Perhaps, something about the friendships is revealed in this reflection.  Yet, I think that more is revealed about ourselves in terms of who we were and who we are.  The friendships we make as young people, the lasting friendships, and then examining them as we are older are truly a looking glass.  It speaks so powerfully to see those relationships continue as we are older for so much more is brought out in sharing the hopes and pain, the promises and possibilities of being in the world.

As I said, check out Stand By Me and set what it says about friendship with what you get out of this discussion.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Think people assume that adult friendships are richer than kids' but I disagree. Kids spend a lot of time with their friends. Adults don't usually know them as well, although they might have known them longer. With most adults, the spouse plays the role of the most important friend.