Overview of Social Psychology

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I need to think through the following alternatives: _____ friends are boon today. (a) true  (b) obedient (c) rich 

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This question address a theory of moral values. You are being asked what type of friends you prefer. 

Some people might feel that having wealthy friends is an advantage because wealthy friends might be able to invite you to good parties, help your career when you get older, and generally help you if you are striving to improve your own social stature. On the negative side, friends chosen for their wealth may not actually share any of your interests and may not be people whose company you enjoy.

Obedience seems more of a desirable quality for subordinates than for friends. While in many schools, students to tend to associate in cliques, in which the leader of the clique exerts considerable power over followers, this isn't really a form of friendship.

The term "true" friend is usually used to indicate actual mutual regard, emotional connection, and loyalty, which is what most people seek in friends.

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