If a friend wanted to know three important things about Shakespeare and his work, what would you tell him/her?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I had to tell someone about Shakespeare's work, I would tell them that they need to be ready for emotional and psychological delving into characters.  I find that Shakespeare was ahead of his time in being able to probe into the nature of human motivation and human actions.  I would also suggest that there can be more in Shakespeare relating to human character evolution than other writers.  Readers have to be able to see character undergo much in the way of change.  Finally, I would say, especially in reading the tragedies, that the reader needs to be ready to accept the premise of sadness and bleakness in his depiction of human consciousness.

chicagogirl | Student

1) Shakespeare is not easy or instant, his work is very old and from a time that was much slower and very different.

2) It is not for everyone, you need to WANT to understand it. You need to THINK.

3) It contains such beauty and wonder that cannot be expalined. Only by discovering it for yourself can you truly understand why Shakespeare is still, after 400 years, the most influential writer in history. I can say, 'it is wonderful', but you won't believe me. You must discover it yourself.