french indian war began with a clash between the french and ?

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The French and Indian War began with a clash between the French and colonial American militia.  Of course, at this time, colonial Americans were British subjects so you could say that the clash was between the French and the British.   The American militia were also accompanied by a group of Native Americans, so you might say that the clash was between the French and a mixed group of British/Americans and Indians.

Finally, it may be that your teacher wants you to name George Washington here.  He was in charge of the militia group that had the first fight with the French in what is now Pennsylvania.

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The french and indian war was a huge time of betrayal. American militia where starting wars with indian tribes for more land. The french where starting to get greedy by betraying america. Allies in europe between Scotland, Ireland, Britain and soon the french. This was a territorial way which the americans soon would co-exist even with native americans to take out the enemy. America was successful due to traitors, spies, strange allies and resources. To say the least it was a huge win because america was organized.