Freddy Couples was recently inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame. I'm a big fan of Couples and just wanted to ask what you think Couples best shot/moment has been throughout his career.

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For me, the most memorable moment was over 20 years ago at the Masters in 1992.  Couples won that year, and I think that the way he played the 12th hole was the most memorable moment of his career.  He came to that hole with a three shot lead, but he was headed for 13 and 15 where eagles were fairly easy to come by in those days before “Tigerproofing.”  So, the point is that his lead was not secure.  The pin on 12 was in its usual Sunday position where you aren’t supposed to try to attack it.  Couples hit at it unintentionally and came up short.  The ball headed back down the bank to the creek but somehow stopped, which balls never do there.  Couples managed to get up and down from there and won the tournament.  That’s my most vivid memory of his career. 


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