Is Fred Collins a real hero? why or why not??

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The character Fred Collin is not a hero in the short story A Mystery of Heroism by Stephen Crane.

Bravery/For the sake of pride. He was willingly to cross a battlefield where active combat was taking place to get some water and quench his thirst from a little meadow. Although this action was influenced by the teasing of his comrades and his pride; he did not want to have his comrades believe he was a coward.

Some comrades joked about his thirst. "If yeh want a drink so bad why don't yeh go git it?" ---quotes sited from google books.

Selflessness/guilty conscience. When he got the water, rather than returning to his comrades with the water, he instead returned empty handed choosing to give the water to a dying soldier. However, at first he refused the soldier the drink of water, but deciding that it was the right thing to do he gave the dying soldier a drink of water.

 The dying soldier called out to Collins saying, “Say, young man, give me a drink of water, will you?”   Collins screamed out, “I can’t!” Collins ran a few more yards away and then turned around and headed back to the dying soldier to give him a drink of water.

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