Where do the boys have to go to get away from their pursuers? 

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The first time Max and Freak are pursued begins in Chapter 6 titled "Close Encounter of the Turd Kind." Max and Freak have been reunited recently, and they go to the fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July together. Once there, they run into a bunch of "punks," as Max puts it - Tony D. (Blade) and his gang. Freak insults Tony D. by calling him a cretin, and that upsets him. Just in time, though, a police car comes, scaring the gang away. 

Later in the evening though, in Chapter 7 titled "Walking High Above the World," Tony D. and his gang return, wanting to physically harm them. However, Max and Freak have an advantage. Max has placed Freak on his shoulders, and he is able to use him for directions - like a personal GPS. Freak instructs him to escape by running into the "H20," or the pond. The pond is very deep and muddy, but due to Max's size, he is able to cross it. On the other hand, when Tony D. jumped in the pond, he sunk into the mud and only his head was above water. Once the gang frees themselves from the pond, the cops arrive. 

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