In Freak the Mighty, what qualities of Max and Kevin allow them to become friends?  

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Max and Kevin are as different as two people can be, yet the qualities that one lacks, the other has.  When the two of them form a friendship, they form a bond that creates the persona they both love--Freak the Mighty.  

Max is huge.  But as big as he is physically, he is equally small mentally.  He has convinced himself that he is stupid and slow, although this academic weakness is largely due to his traumatic childhood.  Kevin, on the other hand, is physically extremely small.  Yet mentally, he is a giant.  He is most confident in his intellectual abilities.  What joins the two boys is not what they have in common physically or mentally, but instead their shared life experiences.  Both boys have been shunned by their peers, made fun of, mocked, and teased.  Both have lost one of their parents.  And both boys, above all, have incredibly huge kind hearts that long to change their present circumstances.  The friendship they share allows each to achieve dreams that neither would have accomplished alone.

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