In the book Freak the Mighty, what clues do that you have that people were not kind to the narrator?

bohemianteacher4u | Student

In the book Freak the Mighty, the narrator is an adolescent living with his grandparents, Gram and Grim. The students are aware of his temper, and they call him nicknames like Mad Max. His real name is Maxwell.

"...this one butt-head in class called me Maxi Pad."

Maxwell is the child of a man in prison for murdering his mother. The grandparents love Max, but they feel that being his father's son is not a good thing. The grandfather makes comments relating Max to his father.

"...the boy is like him, we'd better watch out, you never know what he might do while we're sleeping."

Max is learning disabled, and he is aware of his inferior mind. He refers to his friend Freak as his mind because when Freak came along Freak became the mastermind of the two. He created fun games and adventures, which helped Max.

When the boys, Freak and Max, with Freak on Max's shoulder, are walking through the different food vendors, Blade and his gang appear. The boys try to corner Freak and Max. Blade pulls out a knife and taunts the two.

"Slice and dice!"

When Freak and Max get stuck in the mud, Blade and his gang throw rocks at them. The police come and rescue the boys from the mud, but when they hear Max's name, they bring up the fact that he is the son of "Old Killer Kane."

The two boys find a purse and return it to the lady, Loretta, who owns it. At her house a man named Iggy sees Max. He refers to him as Frankenstein. Loretta refers to Max as "some kinda retard."

Eventually, Max's father gets out of prison. He takes Max, and Loretta is with him. His father does not give Max a chance to go home. Instead, he keeps him hostage in the house. When Max confronts his father with the truth that he knows why his father was put in prison, his father tries to strangle him.

"That's when his hands start to tighten around my neck..."

The story has many other examples of the maltreatment of Max. These are just a few, but I hope they will help you to recognize some for yourself as you scan back through the book.