In Freak the Mighty, is school different for Freak the Mighty after Christmas vacation?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Kevin rescues Max and Killer Kane is thrown in jail, the boys return to school, and the atmosphere around the school is drastically different. The two friends have become locally famous for their brave exploits over Christmas break and begin receiving positive attention from their teachers. Max mentions that everyone in school is jealous of him and Kevin because they got their names in the local newspaper. Max also says that Mrs. Donelli posted their picture from the newspaper on the bulletin board and began calling them the "dynamic duo." Max and Kevin are not used to being the source of envy among their classmates, and Kevin seems to enjoy the attention. Despite the fact that one of their classmates drew a mustache on their posted picture, Kevin makes Mrs. Donelli leave it up. In contrast, Max mentions that he hates the extra attention and wishes to forget about the whole situation as soon as possible.