In Chapter 12 of Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick, what are three examples that illustrate the mood?

Expert Answers
liesljohnson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 12 starts off with a lighthearted mood of friendship, joy, and relief. You can tell by the way Max says "that really gets me laughing," "I'm rolling on the ground like a moron and Freak is strutting around and saying stuff like..." and "Everything is pretty much okay after that."

But school starts for Kevin and Max in that chapter, too, and the mood becomes tense. "Gram acts kind of worried," Max says, and as he and Freak move through the school together, there are "whispers in the hallways." Eventually the whispers erupt into loud insults as the chapter's tense mood reaches it climax; the kids insult both Max and his father, the felon, as they shout "Killer Kane!" and "Had a kid who got no brain!"

Surprisingly, though, that eruption of tension in the classroom takes a different turn when Kevin gets the class to be silent. The mood suddenly shifts to one of clamorous excitement, then, as he climbs onto Max's shoulders and riles the kids up. "He's raising his fist and punching it in the air," "he's got all the other kids chanting," and "it's like music or something" as Kevin and Max are suddenly controlling the clamor in the room.