Freak the Mighty Questions and Answers
by Rodman Philbrick

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In Freak the Mighty chapter 16, what is the action summary and which characters are involved?

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The summary of the action in chapter 16 of Freak the Mighty involves Max’s kidnapping by his father, Kenny “Killer” Kane. Max is in bed on Christmas Eve when he suddenly feels a hand cover his mouth and hears his father whispering the words, “I came back. … Like I promised.” Kane swears to Max that Kane never killed anyone and says they are going to have an “adventure” together. Max is paralyzed with fear. As a result, Max doesn’t struggle at all when Kane forces him out into the snow without even allowing Max to put on the appropriate clothing. First, Kane and Max “visit” Loretta and Iggy in the tenements where they eat greasy burgers and talk about going to “the place” that Kane told the two about. Loretta, ironically, is the person to whom Max and Kevin returned the purse on one of their adventures. At this point, Loretta is drunk and passes out. It should be obvious to the reader, though, that both Iggy and Loretta are scared of Kane.

In conclusion, one could say that the action of this chapter involves Max’s kidnapping while the characters involved are Max, Kenny “Killer” Kane, Loretta, and Iggy.

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