According to Kevin, what is robotics and how is it used?

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The first time Kevin visits the "down under," Max's basement bedroom, the two boys have a conversation that begins with Kevin explaining why he calls his mom the "fair Gwen of air."  This, of course, is what Max has misunderstood Kevin as saying, when he is actually calling Gwen "Guinevere."  Kevin begins explaining the legends of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table in order to help Max understand his nickname for his mom.  Kevin says that knights 

were like the first human version of robots. They wore this metal armor to protect them and make them invincible.

When Max tells Kevin that he thought robots were only in the movies, Kevin says:

I suppose I must make allowances for your ignorance. On the subject of robots you are clearly misinformed. Robots are not just in the movies. Robotics, the science of designing and building functional robots, is a huge industry. There are thousands of robot units presently in use. Millions of them. . . . Many robotic devices are in fact sophisticated assembly units, machines that put together cars and trucks and computers.

Robotics is so important to Kevin because he sees this field as his future.  He believes robotics will be the answer to his physical handicaps and will eventually give him the ability to walk.  His passion for robots and their study is admirable and understandable.


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