In Franklin D. Roosevelt's speech, " Whoever is elected tommorow will become the President of all people," how did he try to get a "yes response" from his listeners?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This speech was Roosevelt's last speech of the 1936 presidential campaign.  In it, he tries to get a "yes" response by appealing to Americans' sense of unity as a country.  He tries to remind them of all the things that make them one people with a proud tradition.

In the speech, he tries to mention only things that bring people together.  He starts by talking about himself, saying that he has

come home to my own county to vote with my fellow townsmen...

This starts to tap into the idea that everyone is the same.  He then talks about how he and his ancestors had been voting there for "more than a century."  By saying this, he is trying to project the idea that Americans have values and traditions that have been around a long time and that unite them.

By appealing to these things that Americans have in common, FDR is trying to get a "yes response."