Is the Frankenstein creature more like Adam or Satan?Frankenstein's creature wonders whether he is more like Adam or like Satan ( Vol. 2, chap. 7). Which figure suits him better?

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Like Adam, Frankenstein's monster is the first of his kind created by some other being.  The monster, like Adam, had no choice in who he is, what he's made of, or even his own existence.  Satan, on the other hand, thrust out of heaven in a dispute with God, made a choice to fight his master and thus ends up with what he gets.  This, too, is like Frankenstein's monster.  The monster seems to represent both Adam and Satan--initially, without consciousness, he occupies the earth in search of himself; then, when he has found himself, he rebels against his maker and master.  Of the two, though, it seems that the monster is much more like Adam--on this earth without a say of his own, left to make of the world what he can.

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Frankenstein's monster seems to be more like Adam than he is like Satan.  Victor Frankenstein pieces the monster together “in his own image” (to a certain extent) and casts him into the world as his creation.  The monster has had no choice in developing himself and must cope with the world he now encounters.  After the monster becomes guilty of “bad behavior,” Frankenstein disassociates himself from the monster; similar to Adam’s excommunication from the Garden of Eden, the monster is cast out into the wilderness to fend for himself.  Although the monster is incredibly angry and cannot deal with his feelings of rejection (similar to Satan), he and his plight share more similarities with Adam than he does with Satan.

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Frankenstein's creature is more like Adam.  He was created and brought to life formed in his creator’s image (idea) with a few adjustments such as being 8 feet tall.  He comes into the world an innocent being waiting to have a connection with his "father/creator."

While the creature may engage in anger and murder, he falls from grace because he has never had grace for himself.  Adam fell from the grace of God.  The creature at first breath fell from the grace of Frankenstein.

The creature wants acceptance from his father and seeks it.  He is lonely and seeks a mate.