Frankenstein Questions and Answers
by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein book cover
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In Frankenstein, does Victor Frankenstein represent a symbol or a metaphor, and why? What kind of salient qualities does he show?

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Victor represents ambition without conscience or responsibility. His goal to defeat death is in some ways a noble one, but he does not think his plan through. When the Creature comes to life and is far uglier and more frightening than Victor expected, he abandons it. It is this act, more than the creation of the Creature itself, which dooms Victor and his loved ones. Had he stayed with his Creature, it would likely not have become a killer.

In this way, Victor could be seen as a representation of adolescent, selfish sexuality. The act of scientific discovery is compared to the sexual act, which brings pleasure from its consummation, but the unexpected result of the discovery...

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