In Frankenstein, Victor attributes his tragic fate to his relentless search for knowledge. Do you think that this is the cause of his suffering?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In part, Victor's relentless quest for knowledge is the cause of his tragic fate.  He stops at nothing to find out whether or not he can be successful in creating the monster.  Although his relationships suffer while he spends countless hours in his workshop, Victor makes his creation the priorty of his life.  Along with his need to know, Victor's hubris drives his behavior.  Certainly Victor feels a sense of power in being successful with his experiment, and his pride pushes him towards the completion of the project.  Once the monster is created, Victor has met his goals and he no longer wants to deal with the monster which eventually becomes problematic.  So, it is both Victor's need to know and his sense of pride that lead to tragic ends.

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