Frankenstein is narrated by several characters, who speak from different points of view. How do the novel's varied points of view contribute to developing the themes of justice or injustice in the novel?

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When Safie tells her story, it becomes clear how unjustly her family has been treated, as well as how unjustly her father treated Felix. All Felix did was attempt to help Safie's family, and he ended up much worse off because of his good intentions and kindness. When Victor's creature narrates, it becomes clear how unjustly Victor has dealt with him. First, Victor abandoned his creature almost immediately after it came to life. The creature was completely alone, almost helpless, and without even basic knowledge to protect himself from pain. Then, when faced with the creature's arguably reasonable demand for a female companion, Victor agrees at first but later tears her apart in front of the creature. Finally, when Victor narrates, he confirms how unjustly he has treated his creation. Therefore, we see the theme of injustice play out across several different narrators.

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