frankensteinWhat are ten main events from Frankenstein the book?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  1. Walton rescues Victor who relates his story of the creation of a "man," and his flight from it
  2. Victor returns home and learns of the murder of William, his brother, and the charging of Justine Moritz with the crime.
  3. The creature lives outside the DeLacy home and learns to speak and read
  4. The creature attempts to make friends with the father, who is kind to him because he is blind.  However, when the son and daughter return, they beat the creature and run him off.  The next day, they move away.
  5. Victor encounters the creature, who tells his history and vows not to kill if Victor will create a mate for him
  6. Victor destroys the half-made mate and, as a result, his friend Henry Cleval is killed.  The creature has also vowed to be with Victor on his wedding night.
  7. Victor returns to Geneva and marries Elizabeth and tries to send her ahead of him so she will not be harmed.
  8. Elizabeth, however, is killed.  When Victor returns home, his father also dies.
  9. Victor vows to kill the creature and tracks him ever northward.  He almost catches him, but the ice breaks.  By this time the frame story is on Walton's fourth letter in which he writes that he rescues Victor.
  10. Walton takes Frankenstein on board, and Victor relates what has happened to Walton, with whom he forms a deep friendship before he dies.

Perhaps the most poignant and intrinsic to the Romantic motif of Shelley's novel is the meeting of the creature with Victor in which he relates his history since Victor runs from him.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many main events in this book.  For starters, how about

  • Victor creates the monster.
  • Victor learns that his brother has been murdered.
  • Victor finds the monster and listens to his story.
  • The monster finds out that he is a monster -- that is malformed 
  • The monster is chased by the villagers when they find him talking to the old man