What is the point of the Frank Rich editorial "Still the Best Congress Money Can Buy?"

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume that you are referring to the piece that I have linked to below (the NY Times link). If so, the main point of this column is pretty much summed up by its title -- it is saying that Congress is "bought" by the special interests that have the most money.  In specific, Rich is saying that the financial industry completely owns Congress.

Rich argues that the financial crisis that led to the current sluggishness in the economy is the fault of the financial industry.  He then goes on to argue that they have not been punished for their "sins."  He says that all of the powerful people in Congress continue to give in and let the financial industry have what they want because the industry has so much money to give in campaign contributions.

Here is a line that pretty much sums up the point of this column.  Referring to the financial industry, Rich says:

It’s an industry that can buy politicians as easily as it does dwarfs, which is why government has tilted the playing field ever more in its direction for three decades. Now corporations of all kinds can buy more of Washington than before, thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and to the rise of outside “nonprofit groups” that can legally front for those who prefer to donate anonymously.