During the French Revolution, what were the major turning points from 1789 -1794?

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There were a number of turbulent events of the French Revolution. Some of the key ones between 1789 to 1794 are described below.

The Tennis Court Oath - June 20, 1789 - This pivotal event occurred when King Loius XVI locked the National Assembly out of their meeting room. They gathered on the nearby tennis courts and vowed not to disband until France had a constitution.

The Storming of the Bastille - July 14, 1789 - This marks the official start of the French Revolution and the point of no return for the revolutionaries. By attacking government property, freeing political prisoners, and seizing weapons, the French Revolution was underway.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen - August 26, 1789 - This founding document of revolutionary France was the first formal attempt to limit the absolute power of the monarchy.

Women's March on Versailles - October 5, 1789 - This massive peasant's march on the royal palace was the first large-scale action taken by the French peasants in...

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