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Name four methods that can be used to separate mixtures?

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Individual components of a mixture can be separated out by a number of methods. These are:

  • gravity separation: If the various components of the mixture have different gravity, they will form different layers (when shaken and allowed to settle). This way they can be separated out.
  • Filtration: Particles of different sizes can be separated out by filtering them through different size sieves or filters.
  • Chromatography: is used to separate the materials on the basis of differential partitioning of individual components between mobile and stationary phase. The different components will travel different distances and hence will be separated out.
  • Magnetic separation: Magnetic components can be separated from non-magnetic components by use of a magnet. We can simply move a magnet through the mixture. All the magnetic materials will attach to the magnet, while the non-magnetic substances will be left behind.

Some other separation techniques include, evaporation, distillation, extraction, crystallization, etc.


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