Discuss four innovative strategies to counteract possible unemployment?

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There are several strategies the government can follow to help combat possible unemployment. One strategy would be to lower interest rates. If interest rates drop, this will encourage businesses to invest. It will also encourage people to borrow money. Both of these actions will lead to more spending that may encourage businesses to hire more workers to meet the increased demand for products and services.

A second strategy would be to lower taxes. If people pay less in taxes, they will have more money to spend. If people spend more money to buy things, businesses may increase the number of workers they hire in order to meet the increased demand for products and services.

A third strategy is decreasing government rules and regulations on businesses. When businesses have lots of rules to follow, this often adds to their cost of running the business. With fewer rules and regulations, businesses may have more money to invest in their business. This may lead to the creation of jobs.

Finally, investing in education may reduce unemployment. When people have a good education, they tend to have more skills and be more employable. This could help to reduce employment.

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Strategy 1: Make Yourself Marketable

Make yourself more marketable by expanding your skill set and area of expertise. This can be done by volunteering or seeking out internships in your prospective field. Internships and volunteering can be used as networking tools, and as ways of gaining more knowledge in the field. Another way to make yourself more marketable is by going back to school and earning more college credits or a higher degree if the prospective field. In many fields, earning certifications is highly valued by employers.

Strategy 2: Prepare for the Job Hunt

Be sure your resume is of good quality. Consider adding a portfolio to stand out even more. Practice interview questions.

Strategy 3: Relocate, if necessary

In many cases, some areas of the country offer more job opportunities for specific fields. If your area is saturated or just doesn’t have job opportunities that you qualify for, consider researching other cities or states and relocating.

Strategy 4: Change Industries

If your field is one in which job opportunities are steadily decreasing regardless of location, consider changing industries and choosing a field that has better employment opportunities.

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