Four examples of irony in "The Lottery" and in your paragraph and for each example you must include at last two facts, reasons, incidents.

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A major example of irony in "The Lottery" occurs when Bill Hutchinson chooses the black spotted paper in the first round of picks.  Mr. Graves asks for the number of people in the Hutchinson family, and Mr. Hutchinson does not include his daughter Eva in the count.  On the first reading, one would assume that the least number of people in the count will provide better odds for the family's winning the prize.  However, Tessie boldly states that Eva and her husband should have to be included in the count so that they can take their turn.  When Mr. Graves tells Tessie that Eva draws with her husband's family, Tessie is angry.  When the reader learns at the end of the story that the "prize" is death, this event is even more ironic--why would a mother want her daughter to take her turn at possibly being killed?  Such irony suggests that people may in fact resort to crude measures when they are fighting for their own survival.