founding of Islam How did the founding of Islam compare and contrast with that of the other major monothesic religions?   Comparisions - Contrasts -

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You might like to compare and contrast the two key figures of Jesus Christ and Mohammed, the prophet, in your analysis. Clearly they were both highly influential characters who helped create the two religions of Christianity and Islam that we know of today.

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One thing about the founding of Islam is that it can be traced back to an actual historical figure whose historicity is not in doubt.  We cannot know whether the Abraham of the Jewish Bible did actually exist.  We can assume that Jesus (if we call him the founder of Christianity) did exist, but we can only do so through indirect evidence since there is no contemporary testimony to his existence.  Coming much later, as he did, Muhammad is historically attested to.  So, I would say that one of the major differences between the three is that we know much more about the founder of Islam.

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To correct #2, the chart shows that Islam was founded last of the three monotheistic religions compared in the chart. Foundation date for Judaism is unknown; foundation date for Christianity is 33 CE; foundation date for Islam is 622 CE.

All three religions trace their "heritage" back to Abraham, and all recognize Moses and other prophets. All have the same geographical area of origin - the reason why Jerusalem is considered a "holy city" by all three faiths.