i found two guys bully meI found two guys called Wu Gi Deon and Loong Zhi Heng bully me,they bully me with saying me offensive name,acting like a nazist and beat me,i am very supressed with them,i...

i found two guys bully me

I found two guys called Wu Gi Deon and Loong Zhi Heng bully me,they bully me with saying me offensive name,acting like a nazist and beat me,i am very supressed with them,i had submit these complaint,but i think ignoring them is a bad idea,because they are paranoid and ridiculous guy,so i hope experts will give me answers how to deal with these guys beside ignoring because ignoring only make the problem serious,plus they are paranoid guys --

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jdoarsinkfield eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bullying is harassment.  So, whether or not they are bothering you at school, you have a right to be protected as well as an expectation that authorities will take your concerns seriously.  If you are being bothered in school, you should make sure that you have told your teachers or the other relevant adult closest to the situation and also go to the school administration and ask them to fix the situation.  If you are a student, your parents should become involved and go to see the school administration as soon as possible to ensure that you have provided the appropriate reports to the right people and that you keep a diary or journal of all the conversations you have had with teachers or administrators and every encounter with the bullies. 

If this is happenning outside of school, in your neighborhood or other public place, you can report them to the police and request a restraining order.  But again you will need to bring with you  records of the harassment and dates and times and places and people with whom you have communicated this problem.

As a school administrator, I have been faced with dealing with this issue on too many occasions.  A good administrator will take note, tell you to try to ignore them, inform your teachers to watch for bullying activities, communicate with your parents, communicate with the parents of the other students and then impose serious consequences on those students if they do not respond.  Your school district should have a student conduct handbook that prohibits harassment of any kind as well as lays out consequences for prohibited behaviors. 

In addition, if your school has security personnel and/or an assigned police officer, they should be involved in the communication and be brought in to handle the problelm as well. 

When I worked as a Middle School principal I had to counsel several students who were being bullied as we were also working to fix the problem on a proactive basis.  While violence is never the answer for any problem and should be a last resort option for any situation on several occasions, what I found was that the students needed help in assessing the risk of what was going on in their lives.  For instance, what is the relative risk of continuing to be bullied for a long time (especially since so much bullying is done in private and is hard to catch) versus getting in trouble for standing up for oneself.  In some instances we were able to settle the problem but unfortunately, what worked better in a few other situations was that when the student stood up for themselves, that solved the problem.  Bullies operate on the notion that their victims are weaker than them and will not fight back.  That being said, if you are concerned about students carrying weapons or anything like that you should not under any circumstances confront them in private on your own.

But lastly, do not let anyone tell you to just "get over it" or belittle your concerns.  You have a right to attend school or work or go through the streets unmolested and without fear of harassment.  And, there are laws to protect "whistle blowers" so that you should not feel intimidated about reporting the behavior and making a formal complaint and expecting that you will get the protection that you deserve. 


drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bullying is, in my opinion as a school administrator, a civil rights issue. Every student in the U.S. has the right to attend public school free of harassment, ridicule, and bullying.

You are right that ignoring bullies doesn't stop the problem. Telling a student to ignore it is the teacher/administrator's easy way out. It puts the burden on the student to just endure the harassment and not "bother" the adults with it.

If your parents seek help from your school administrators, and they don't provide it, you can go to the courts and seek a restraining order against the bullies. You can bet THAT will get your school administrators' attention, because they are required by law to enforce a court order. If the order requires the bullies to stay X 100s of feet away from you, then the school has to schedule their classes so that they don't encounter you in the hallways or classrooms, the cafeteria, bus line, gym, or any other school property. If the bullies violate the court order, then the school can be held liable for not enforcing it.

Good luck with your situation. Being bullied is no laughing matter and it is NOT a simple rite of passage.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Just keep in mind when people bully others it is because of an ugliness they feel inside themselves. Human nature does not allow us to treat others hatefully when we feel good about ourselves. That being said, you need to take steps to ensure your safety. Tell a teacher, administrator, boss, law enforcement official--whichever is appropriate for your situation, as you haven’t made it clear where this is taking place. Good luck and God bless.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a little difficult to understand what you are looking for. Are these guys bullying you at school or some place else? If they are bullying you at school you or your parents need to let the school distric know about it. Not knowing your age and any other circumstances it is hard to give a whole lot of advice.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
You need to find someone in authority to talk to about this. I am not sure naming names in a public forum is a good idea. You do need to find someone who can advise you or help you. You can also call the police, since it seems serious.
mocker | Student

williams,they are physical bullying me and cyberbully me