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Forster describes a future world Forster descripes a future world in which human beings no longer inhabit the surface of the world but live in subterreanean compartments.Do you think you could live under such conditions?

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Which Forster book is this? I am familiar with several of the novels, but this sounds interesting.

I would not like what you describe, but for a lot of people I see, I don't think it would be too painful. I am thinking of people who go to great lengths to *never* be outdoors. They go from their house (windows always closed, heat or AC on), to their garage, to their car, to their sealed-up office. They live in a temperature controlled universe, and I'm not sure they even realize it!

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This scenario reminds me some of the plight of the fairies in the Artemis Fowl series.  If you have read any of those books, you can get some ideas from there about how they feel about being cut off from nature.

To me, personally, being cut off from other people would be more important than being cut off from nature.  I think that it would be very difficult to have no contact with any other people. I think that I would miss touching other people -- I never go a day, of course, without a lot of touching of my kids and my wife and I would miss that.  It would feel very lonely to only communicate by video.


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epollock | Student

I suppose that life will find a way to continue and that all species try to survive no matter what the odds. If it was not possible to live outside, then one would have to find a way to live underground. Even if one was claustrophobic, medicine or tranquilizers could suppress most of the side effects.