What forms of energy does electrical energy change into when an electric stove is turned on?

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When an electric stove is turned on, electric energy changes to both heat and light energy. Lets look a little more closely at how this process occurs.

First, electrical energy must travel through a medium that allows electron flow, referred to as a conductor. Some substances allow the electrons to flow more easily and some give more resistance to the electron flow. In cases where the electrons meet more resistance while trying to move, they lose some energy. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed it must go somewhere. In the case of an electrical stove, the energy is released as heat. As a conductor heats up it may also begin giving off energy as light as well. An example of this is when a heating electrical stove is seen glowing an amber-orange color. A number of important factors go into this process, and certain conductors function much better as components of an electrical stove than others. Technology today allows the user to control the amount of electricity that is flowing into the conductor, effecting how much heat it will give off.  Hope this helps!

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