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Former TSA administrator Kip Hawley is alleged to have worked for free. Is this true? Can you provide a reference?

We can't find any reputable references that would support the claim that Kip Hawley worked for free. More so, when you hear about public officials not accepting a salary, we encourage you to question the true generosity and sacrifice of such a gesture. Remember, Hawley was a CEO and a vice president of major corporations. We should note that during his time as TSA head, Hawley appeared to support higher wages and greater compensation for TSA employees.

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We can not provide you with any reputable references that confirm that Kip Hawley worked for free when he was in charge of the Transportation Security Administration (or TSA).

When you hear about public officials working for free or donating their salary, you might want to be skeptical about such a gesture. Are they being generous? Are they self-sacrificing for serving their country at no cost? Or are there other issues at play?

Remember, Donald Trump recently donated some of his presidential salary to help the Department of Health and Human Services' fight against COVID-19. We might say this is generous. We might also conclude that Trump probably doesn't need that extra money anyways.

Same with Hawley. Even if he did work for free, it's hard to say that he was sacrificing a great deal. Before Hawley was TSA head, he was CEO of Skyway. What is Skyway? According to Hawley, it's a "leading supply chain services company." Hawley was also vice president for transportation services at Union Pacific Railroad and a top assistant to Ronald Regan.

If Hawley did in fact work for free—which there doesn't appear to be evidence that he did—it's because he had the money and resources to do so.

Although, we should note that during Hawley's time as TSA head, he did appear to support some kind of pay raise for TSA employees.

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