Forgiveness plays an important part in The Kite Runner. Consider three times in the novel where someone is forgiven, and why this is so important. I need supporting details from the novel itself.

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1. In chapter 15, Soraya tells Amir about her troubled past. She tells Amir that she ran away and lived with an Afghan man when she was eighteen, and her father forced her to return home at gunpoint. According to traditional Afghan standards, another Afghan man should not marry Soraya because she is not a virgin. However, Amir forgives Soraya for her past and proceeds to marry her. Amir explains why he forgives Soraya by saying,

. . . I think a big part of the reason I didn't care about Soraya's past was that I had one of my own. I knew all about regret. (155)

2. In chapter 16, Rahim Khan tells Amir the story of Hassan's mother returning to him. Sanaubar had abandoned Hassan when he was young but returned to him later in life. Rahim Khan tells Amir that one day, Sanaubar arrived at Hassan's home beaten badly, and asked for her son's forgiveness. After initially running away, Hassan returned home and demonstrated his forgiveness by helping his mother inside. Rahim Khan tells Amir,


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