Foreign Policy in the 20th century (1900’s) · Think about how the United States becomes a superpower over the course of the century. o Think about the role the US plays after World War II...

Foreign Policy in the 20th century (1900’s)

· Think about how the United States becomes a superpower over the course of the century.

o Think about the role the US plays after World War II to expand its global reach during the Cold War.

· In what way does the United States expand its influence and become a dominant world power.

· Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson start this policy, but it is not important at first

o Roosevelt, Truman, and onward continue this.

· Cold War

o Containment, bipolar lens, NATO, Marshall Plan, Vietnam, etc…

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You've posted what looks like an entire assignment, and unfortunately we'll only be able to help you with parts of it, as we have limited wordspace.  I'll discuss the emergence of the US empire, and how it expanded its influence.

America wasn't really considered a world power until the turn of the century, with our involvement in the Spanish-American War, the Boxer Rebellion, and the Filipino Insurrection.  By issuing the Open Door Note, John Hay served notice to the world that America had a place and a presence on the world stage.

Teddy Roosevelt expanded that presence by securing and starting the Panama Canal, dominating the Caribbean, and by serving as a world diplomat negotiating peace between Russia and Japan in 1905, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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There is a great deal present here.  The overalll question is something upon which books can be and have been composed.  The subquestions are much of the same.  I think that it is very difficult for anyone to present one answer that effectively addressees all of these specifics, unless the answer is so vague that lacks value.  Foreign policy in the 20th century was spent defining itself against 'the other."  For the most part, it was examined through the lens of enemies being present in the world and the foreign policy of the country helped to see itself in the light of an adversarial force.  The presence and overcoming of "the other" played a very large role in US foreign policy in the 1900s.

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I'm really kind of confused by the stuff that you've added to this question.  I'm not sure how it is meant to fit with your basic question.

The answer to your basic question is that the SU became a superpower by being a large country with a huge industrial and economic base.  In addition, it was able (because of its geographic location) to avoid being devastated by wars like the European countries were.

Before WWI, the US was economically strong, but was not a huge player on the international scene.  It mainly concentrated on control of its immediate vicinity through things like Roosevelt's corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.

WWII is what really made the US a superpower.  The US was the country least touched by the war and was therefore able to dominate much of the world afterwards.  It also felt that it had to do this (rather than becoming isolationist) because of the threat from the USSR.

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