The force that attracts atoms to each other is produced by _____.A. protons and electrons B. electrons and neutrons   C. protons and neutrons D. protons, neutrons, and electrons  

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Here option A is the write answer because Opposite charges attract and  like charges repel each other. The force gets weaker as the two charges get farther apart. A proton and an electron will attract each other. 

The force that attracts atoms to each other is produced by protons and electrons.

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You should remember that an atom is made up from protons, neutrons and electrons. The protons and neutrons compose the nucleus of the atom. You also should remember that protons and electrons are charged, hence, protons are positive charges and electrons are negative charges.

You need to know that unlike charges develop an attraction force while the same charges develop a repulsive force. Since a neutron has no charge, it cannot be involved in this discussion concerning the attractive or repulsive forces between atoms.

Hence, evaluating the given options yields that the A. option (protons and electrons) suits for the problem provided.

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A. Protons And Neutrons

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