if a force has magnitude 110 and is directed 30 degrees south of east what are its components of the force.

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steveschoen eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Hi, saj, To find the components, we can draw a right triangle with the given force, like I showed in may attachment. Then, we would find the lengths of each leg, the components of the force. For the horizontal line, that is 110*cos 30 = 110*( sqrt 3 )/2, = 95.26 For the vertical line, that is 110*sin 30 = 110 * 0.5 = 55. Good luck, saj. I hope this helps. Till Then, Steve
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aruv | Student

A force has magnitude 110 N and is directed 30 degrees south of east . Its components of the forces respctively in East and south directions are .

`F_E=110 cos(30^0) N`


`F_S=110 cos((90-30)^0)N` 


`F_E=110(1/2)=55 N`