A force of 6N acts on 3kg object for 10 seconds. Object has initial momentum of 18kgm/s. What is the final momentum?

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You need to remember the equation that relates the force and momentum such that:

`F = (m*v - m*u)/t`

`m` represents the mass of the object

`v` represents the final velocity of the object

`u` represents the initial velocity of the object

You need to remember that the difference mv - mv represents the change in momentum, where mv represents the final momentum and mu represents the initial momentum.

Since the problem provides the initial momentum, the force and the time, yields:

`6 = (mv - 18)/10 => 60 = mv - 18 => mv = 60 + 18 = 78Kgm/s`

Hence, evaluating the final momentum, under the given conditions, yields `mv = 78Kgm/s` .

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