In regards to The Crucible, what foods would have been eaten in 1692 during the Salem witch trials?

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The colonial New England diet was limited to the products of a short growing season and rocky terrain. This meant that harvests of fresh fruits and vegetables were limited. Corn was a staple grain and was used for foods such as cornbread, johnnycakes, corn chowder, and even popcorn. The residents of Salem would also have had access to bread made from wheat and rye and maybe even some rice from the southern colonies. Baked beans and brown bread was a popular Sunday meal since it could be prepared ahead of time. This meant that they did not have to engage in the labor of cooking during on the Sabbath.

During the Autumn harvest, the Puritans of Salem would have had fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, lettuce, carrots, and squash. They may have gathered mushrooms from the forest during this time as well. During the summer, they likely foraged for wild berries.

Wild game was abundant and the people of Salem would have hunted and trapped wild turkey, deer, grouse, and rabbits as a...

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