Are foods marked "unsaturated fat free" 100% healthy?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Frequently half truths can be much more misleading and damaging than completes silence. Marking of food as "unsaturated fat free" comes under the category of such half truths. The different kinds of essential nutrients, not so essential other ingredients, and harmful ingredients that are present in our foods run into hundreds. Typically any single item of food also contains scores of different ingredients. It looks like when a company is choosing provide information on only one such ingredient from among hundreds of possible ones, it may be choosing to remain silent about the harmful ingredients that are presents.

Thus the marking "unsaturated fat free" on an item of food is no guarantee that the food is healthy, nutritious, or even free of any other harmful ingredients. It is possible that such foods are perfectly healthy. But my guess is that the probability of their being so is quite low.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Experts believe that just because a product is marked as dangerous fat free, does not make from it a healthy product. Dangers are not coming always  only from unsaturated fat content, but also from the saturated, or an excess of carbohydrates and processed sugars.

In addition, the assessment that "there are no fat" or "0 fat" is not always exact. The current trend is that food to be labeled as fat free, even if in fact it has 0.5-0.7 g, up to a gram of unsaturated fat.

What is wrong with that?

Foods categorized as fat-free create to consumer  the impression of safety, and he may choose to eat as much. Little by little, however, fat accumulates, and finally, the result is the same. Therefore, experts recommend that whenever possible, to check the total number of calories per serving, total fat percentage, and each fraction in part (saturated fats, unsaturated, cholesterol). Sometimes, even when the product is free or very low in unsaturated fats, can have a dangerous saturated fat content or calories.

We must consider the fat content of the preparations even when eating in town.Donuts, sauces' sandwiches and mayonnaise , french fries, are all important sources, but anyone do not want to mention them as  very dangerous fats , not to mention the empty calories as sodium and sugar.

Fairness of producers is a very important element that must be taken into account in assessing population health status. Even if we wish to inform and thus change the better  our diet, we must have nutritional information available for each product.

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