Wwhy do people prefer eating junk than healthy natural delicacies?What is as homeless as a nutritional meal without a stomach to reside in?  Seriously, why do people prefer eating junk than...

Wwhy do people prefer eating junk than healthy natural delicacies?

What is as homeless as a nutritional meal without a stomach to reside in? 

Seriously, why do people prefer eating junk than healthy natural delicacies?

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A lot of people prefer not so healthy foods because of the taste. They say it is more appealing because of this. Unfortunately, nutritional balance suffers because the junk food is higher in calories and higher in fat content.

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It is economics and time. Junk food is cheaper for many people, although high in saturated fat for the most part and not as nutritious. For people pressed for time, many people will eat processed food since they don't have to go to the store to find ingredients and prepare and cook those ingredients. That is why obesity is a very big health concern in the United States.

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Junk food is often both tastier and less expensive than the healthy "delicacies" you mention. It is often much easier to open a bag of chips to eat--which can sit on a shelf for months--than having to purchase and/or prepare fresh fruit or veggies. Many kids eat few vegetables because their parents either were not brought up to eat them regularly or because they don't have the time to prepare them. Many kids (and young adults) do not look more than a few hours in the future and don't worry about the benefits that healthy foods offer.

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lsumner | High School Teacher | (Level 2) Senior Educator

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I agree with above post in that junk food saves time. There is little preparation. It is so much easier to go through the drive through than to stop by the grocery store and pick up a nutritious meal. Then you have to go home and prepare that nutritious meal. Then you have to clean up all the preparation of that nutritious meal. It is too easy to scoot through the drive through and some drive through meals are economically prepared. When you can save money and time, it is difficult to make that healthy choice of a meal. 

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Prepared foods became popular as people saw the time savings when we started to see more two income households. We adjusted to eating foods that are high in simple carbs and sugars (and therefore cheap). In order to eat a healthier diet, we need tat develop a new habit of eating more unprocessed foods along with more fruits and vegetables. Like any bad habit, eating lots of processed foods will take time and effort. 

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We human beings have evolved to want many of the things that are in junk food.  When we were running around being hunters and gatherers, we craved things that were high in calories.  That included fatty foods and sugary foods.  Junk food has those things so it's actually natural that we should crave them.

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Junk food has tons of chemicals that make it appealing to the body. Almost like drugs, food has things that make the body crave for more and more. Healthy food to me actually tastes better because I am not ashamed to eat more than the serving size and I feel better about it. Junk food tends to make me drag and doesn't give me any energy.

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Junk food means a food which needs less time to cook and at times tastier and cheaper. 

A healthy meal, honestly, requires time to cook. In this century, not many people like cooking and cooking a healthy meal, forget that.

So, people tend to go to the easier path in food, junk food...

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I agree with the views above and would also add that junk foods often contain addictive ingredients such as lots of sugar and salt. People tend to get accustomed and addicted to sugar and salt, and therefore crave junk foods more often.

There is also the issue of junk foods sometimes costing cheaper than healthier alternatives, and that's why some homeless people or those from low-income households appear obese at times - because junk foods are all that they can afford. Yet they provide the most calories in terms of unhealthy fats and sugar and salt and contribute to obesity.

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Just it is the time of technolngical develoment and fast lives of people, in this type of life people want something tasty and food which can be easily made which consumes less time. This is the time of industrial and urban developement which consists of busy lives, theres no time for them to give much attention on the nutritional values required by their value. So, only the thing they want is FAST AND TASTY FOOD

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And one more reason. Junk food is getting populr because it saves all the time and effort to procure grocery, preparing it for cooking and than cooking the same. It does not end there, it also saves all the cleanup time and effort of dishwashing etc as well.

Time is precious and people like to change effort in to ammusement - spending it with family/friends and having fun eating what you don't get at home.

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