The following is the template to be used for the Article Review portion of the Health Promotion Project. Please help me with tips on how to go about completing this specific assignment. The topic...

The following is the template to be used for the Article Review portion of the Health Promotion Project. Please help me with tips on how to go about completing this specific assignment.

The topic of my paper must be based on type 2 diabetes in the elderly with regards to regulating and controlling insulin based on their level of cognition. It needs to follow those guidelines with the research study as current as possible with in the last 5 years maximum. What study should I use?

REFERENCE: (2 points)

Use APA style

TYPE OF ARTICLE: (2 points)

Primary/Secondary Research Study

Please do not use other types of journal articles, including consensus statements, case studies, clinical protocols, editorials, and letters to the editor.

PURPOSE: (12 points)

Three criteria: (1) background information; (2) study purpose; (3) population under study

In one paragraph, describe the purpose(s) or aim(s) of the study and the population under study. Also include a brief description of the relevant background information (author’s introduction section and/or review of literature).

FINDINGS: (12 points)

Three criteria: (1) major findings; (2) study limitations; (3) clinical implications

In one paragraph, describe the major findings of the study. Also include a description of the study limitations and the author’s stated clinical implications.

PRACTICE: (12 points)

Three criteria: (1) implementation; (2) benefit; (3) evaluation

In one paragraph, describe how a nurse might implement the findings into clinical practice and what benefit it may have for the population of concern. Also provide an explanation on how the nurse would evaluate the effectiveness of implementation.

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The purpose of an article review is twofold. First, it forces the researcher (in this case you) to archive recent theoretical and clinical findings relevant to his or her own research project. Your main goal should be to familiarize yourself with an interesting, recent piece of research that sheds some light onto you own research question. Second, it supplies the reader (in this case, your teacher) with the background information necessary to understand and appreciate your research question, methodology, and findings.

Your objectives for this assignment are: a) to demonstrate that you’ve thought critically about how your Health Promotion Project fits into the current theory and practice of biomedical research on diabetes, b) to succinctly describe the full contents of the article so that you can refer back to it as you continue to develop your own research project, and c) to demonstrate to your teacher that you understand the research presented in your chosen article.

As for which study to choose, I’d make two considerations. First, it’s important to source your article from a reputable, academic, peer-reviewed journal. Popular biomedical journals include the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Journal of Epidemiology, and the American Journal of Public Health. Second, your article should be related to your own research question, methodology, or expected findings. Some examples of possible topics to review include: recent innovations in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, brain health and cognition among the elderly, the role of insulin production in type 2 diabetes, or strategies for promoting health among the elderly.

Remember to choose an article that presents findings from original research, and cover all required content in your synopsis. Don’t stress too much though! This is basically a form of note-taking you are doing for future reference as you continue to refine and pursue your own research agenda. Have fun with it!

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