Given what is on display at the Transparency International website at, what seems most striking?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most striking element of what was on display at the website was how much of a global issue corruption actually is.  From the former Soviet Union to America to Bangladesh, the need to reform corrupt business practices as well as collusion between the public and private sectors is a worldwide concern.  Given how the globalized marketplace has emerged, it seems that the need to ensure that watchdog groups like Transparency International that monitor corruption is of vital importance.  

I think that another element that is significant out of the website was the use of social media.  The Twitter feed as well as links to other blogs create a network for individuals to become more actively involved and remain informed about all of the element of corruption that the organization stands against.  It is interesting that the fight to stop corruption has utilized social media, suggesting that technology can be a way to motivate individuals into action to fight against corruption.  

This 21st Century "grass roots" methodology is reminiscent of the passing out leaflets mode of social activism that has defined much of the world's struggle of individuals against power establishments.

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