The following frequency table shows the number of puppies in 100 litters Number of puppies Frequency 3        6 4      12 5      23 6      20 7      18 8      12 9        9 Calculate the mean number of puppies per litter.  Hint: remember to add another column to your table which is  number of puppies x frequency.

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The number of puppies in a litter and the corresponding frequency is given. To determine the mean number of puppies in a litter, determine the total number of puppies and divide the sum by the total number of litters.

`[[Number, Frequency, ], [3, 6, 18],[4,12, 48],[5,23,115],[6, 20, 120],[7, 18, 126],[8,12, 96],[9,9, 81]]`

The total number of puppies is 604. As the total number of litters is 100, there are 6.04 puppies per liter.

The mean number of puppies in a litter is 6.04

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