Following the civil war, america experienced a great development if its industrial capacity. What effects did this growth have on the country?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The growth of the Titans of Industry or Robber Barons in Post Civil War America vastly impacted the nation.  The massive proliferation of wealth generated the most evident realities of class in the young nation at the time.  In this Industrialization, we can see the tenets of wealth and also the manipulation of the system because of it.  Initiatives such as railroad building and investment into corporations became assisted by government, whose sphere could not be preserved from the infiltration of wealth within it.  One of the effects of this industrialization was the idea that American government and American business became very close and a collusion of sorts resulted.  This was even seen in the Supreme Court, where decision after decision favored big business and corporations.  In both structures, power came from the top down, resulting in a class of individuals who possessed a great deal of it and another group that lacked much of it on both political and economic levels.  I would also say that another way this impact was experienced was in the counterresponse to such industrialization in the form of Progressivism.  The idea of speaking for those who lacked power in economic realms, and moving into other domains, arose from the condition of industrialization that gripped the nation after the Civil War.